SCORM – The Breakthrough for the Flipped Classroom

Online learning can be challenging if it’s presented as a long series of videos. Students tend to tune out the mental focus and treat my last-minute cobbled together carefully crafted video lessons as if they were TV commercials, or some sort of spectator sport. Science class is not a spectator sport!
So I’ve been experimenting with using interactive quizzing immediately after each short instructional video. This forces the student to ‘digest’ what was just presented. Often the questions are simple comprehension, lower-level Bloom’s taxonomy. However, I’m sure that with more attention to this, I could create some more creative and higher-level thinking questions in the SCORM lessons. (I’m just a beginner!) The video and quiz lessons were created using Articulate Storyline and are packaged as SCORM, which can be uploaded onto a variety of Learning Management Systems. I’ve successfully uploaded them to EDU 2.0 and Moodle 2.6.
The great thing about SCORM is that each student’s responses go directly into my grade book to be scored as I choose – either a successful pass/no pass or graded assignment. Once all the hard work is done by me up front, I’ve successfully multiplied myself as a one-on-one instructor for all my students, and I won’t have to grade their work. This creates time in the school day for me to spend one-on-one face time with students as needed.