Sample Cornell Notes Page

Steps for Cornell Notetaking in science:

1. Take notes in main section.

2. After you take notes, fill in three questions on the left side whose answers can be found in the notes. For example, if you're writing about the rules of soccer and basketball, a good question on the left side would be "What are the rules of soccer, and how are they different from basketball?".

3. At the bottom, summarize the main points of the notes in three to four complete sentences.

4. Four Colors: Colorize your notes with the four color strategy:

     Green - Information that you START HERE with; main topics or introductory ideas

     Yellow - Information that makes you need to SLOW DOWN and have extra care; often used for VOCABULARY WORDS

     Red - Information that is difficult; you must STOP and think about it.

    Blue - Your summary

Brain research has shown that for some people, the act of coloring their notes and looking back at the colorized notes improves memory somewhat. Even though this may not be the case for you, try it out! Come to me if you have a real concern that this does not help you - I'm flexible. I will expect all students to colorize their notes unless we have a conversation about why this doesn't help you.

To study your notes, cover up the notes side and ask yourself the questions on the left. If you can't answer them, take a peek at the notes! Keep practicing until you can verbalize all the information in your own words.